Every bike is made with a purpose. At Sixty Nine Cycles we want to find a bike that fits you, and what you are going to use it for. Not only that, once you have your bike we want to look after you as well and bring you into our community. That’s why we offer all bike purchase customers a free first service, this allows us to check the bike and rider and also some very attractive discount vouchers for those bits and pieces! If that isn’t enough, there’s a free coffee for whenever you come to visit as long as you’re happy to put the kettle on!

With each new bike:

  • Part Ex on new parts from us to make your bike fit for purpose, if you want something that’s not fitted already, just ask!
  • Free 1st Service, although we use the term loosely as we like to see the bikes within a couple of months, more of a safety check and rider feedback!
  • Discount off all parts and accessories, Helmets and Clothing in the shop
  • PDI Check before collection
  • As many coffees as you need!