We love riding bikes. But the fun doesn’t stop there. We love tinkering with them too. 15 years of racing at World Championship level is proof enough we are up to the task.

Here at Sixty Nine Cyces we’ll keep your cycle(s) tip-top. Our technicians are cycle-mad engineers boasting Cytech-accredited skills. We pride ourselves on our first class service, which, naturally, comes with a big cheesy smile. Pop in or call to discuss your requirements. We can tailor all servicing and repairs to suit your pocket and your needs, and we will spend time with you and your bike to determine the best way forward. If you’re lucky, we might even offer you a free coffee.


General Servicing

If you are looking for and overall service and just want a check up then we offer servicing for all types of bikes.

Gear service


  • Degrease, relube and set-up
  • Safety check of Gears, adjustment as necessary


Health Check


  • A full inspection/assessment and adjustment of entire bike including;
    • Wash and degrease bike
    • Gears
    • Brakes
    • Headset
    • Hubs/wheels/tyres
    • Bottom bracket
    • Torque all bolts to correct amount

    (Removal of old & fitment of any replacement parts is not included)

  • Mid Service

  • £85

  • Same as Health Check but includes full cables and fitment


Full Service from


Road/hybrid – £ 140 (includes cables)

Hardtail MTB – £ 150 (includes brake bleed)

Full sus MTB – £ 165 (includes linkage bearing fitment)

    • A full strip down, clean and degrease and re-build of bike
    • A full inspection, assessment and adjustment of entire bike
    • Replacement all gear & brake cables* as standard and included in price!
    • Bottom bracket removed , inspected and greased/replaced
    • Pedals removed and greased
    • Headset removed, inspected and greased
    • Wheel check, true and tension
    • Hub service
    • Frame bearings
    • Frame bearings (MTB as stated on Full sus)
    • Suspension service (MTB/hybrid)


Specialist Servicing

We confident that if you have a service needed for your bike, we can do it. Take a look below to see our prices on specialist services. If you can’t find what you are looking for, why not give us a call or send a message

Frames & Builds

  • New bike build (from bare frame): £120
  • BB thread chase: £20.00
  • BB frame face: £20.00 (Get both £ 30.00)
  • Frame Bearings: £60.00 (£40 as part of minor service or included as part of a Full Service!)
  • Accessories fitment: £12.50 upwards


  • Full fork service from £80.00 (+parts)
  • Basic fork service: £35.00 (for existing service customers)
  • Shock air can service: £25.00 (+ seal kit)
  • Shock bush, including DU bush, each £15.00 (on bike) £ 10.00 (shock only)
  • Full shock service: £POA (most catered for in-house)





Last Minute Larry

Call on your way to work or ride out for Sixty Nine Cycles’ ‘while you wait’ repairs. We will always try our best to get punctures, gear settings and other headaches solved quickly and efficiently. The coffee is free, but you’ll have to pay for the parts.

Please Note
1) All prices are for labour only (unless otherwise stated)
2) All prices include VAT at 20%.